Dear Ney Ney

Sometimes when you hear people talking about starting a business, you might hear the words entrepreneur and entrepreneurship. An entrepreneur is a special term for a person who starts a new type of business. 

Most people who start or open a business decide to start a business that offers a product or service that people understand. For example, a business that cleans houses or sells clothing. Opening and running a business is a lot of work, but when you open a business that is already familiar to most people it is usually easier to find customers and you are more likely to be successful.

Sometimes people have ideas for a business that has never existed before. These people start a business with the new idea but don’t know if the idea will be successful or not. These people are called entrepreneurs.

One example of an entrepreneur is Jeff Bezos, the founder of Before Mister Bezos started his business, it was very difficult to buy books or anything else online. Mister Bezos had an idea to change that, so he started He did not know if his idea would work or not because it was such a new idea. It worked, it became much easier to buy things online on and Mister Bezos became very wealthy.

People decide to become entrepreneurs for many reasons. Some entrepreneurs think that they will make a lot of money with their new idea because it is new in exciting. Some entrepreneurs think that they will help a lot of people with their new idea. Some people just like a challenge.

If you decide to open a business or be an entrepreneur know that you aren’t just helping yourself and your customers. You will probably hire employees and pay their salaries. This helps your employees and their families. Owning a business takes work but can be very rewarding.

I’m excited to reach you more about business and entrepreneurship.

I love you.