Dear Ney Ney,

Now that you have a business started and are learning how to operate it, let’s talk a little bit about growing a business, leadership, and management.

Growing a business means increasing the activities of the business to earn more money. Usually, but not always, a business grows by increasing the number of employees so that it can do more advertising and sales to find more customers who will buy the company’s product or service. Sometimes successful businesses grow by using the money they make to hire more people and pay for advertising. Other times business borrow money or ask investors for money to be able to grow.

Some people who decide to start a business want to grow it to become very large and very possible. They want to hire more employees to do more work, help more customers, and make more money. Some people want to start a business but keep it small. They don’t want to hire employees because sometimes reading and managing people is difficult. 

Starting a business and growing a business are both difficult tasks, and each require different skills. Some people are better at starting a business, some people are better at growing a business, and some people are good at both. If you decide that you want to grow your business, it is important that you learn and practice good leader ship and management skills.

Leadership is the act of leading, which generally can be defined as identifying a goal for a group of people and inspiring or motivating the group of people to work together towards that goal. Many people like to work towards a goal, but sometimes there is disagreement in groups about what the goal for the group should be. 

As the leader of the business, it is important to be able to explain to those working in your business why the goals are important and how they can help. It is also very important to ask your employees what they think the goals should be. Employees perform better if they feel involved in the business, and getting their help with goal setting is a great way to get employee to work hard towards the goals.

Management should not be confused with leadership. Leadership sets the direction of the business and focuses on how the company will grow and improve. Management is the people and processes that run the every day parts of the business. Leaders set goals, managers organize and direct the people and teams to reach the goals. support for often know what the problems. 

Everyone is born with their own unique abilities and preferences. If you decide to grow your business and hire employees, one of the best benefits you can give them is to create a company that lets them best use their abilities in a job that suits their preferences. 

Learn as quickly as you can that not everyone wants the same things from their work as you do. The faster you can match people with roles and tasks that they enjoy and are good at, or recognize they do not need to work in your company, the happier they will be and the better your company will perform.

Creating a growing company that provides a fun and challenging work place for its employees may be one of the most satisfying careers that exists. You don’t have to choose that path if it is not the one for you, but it is great to know that is exists and a little about what it looks like.

I love you.